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Discover the collection"FRACOMINA",stylishly elegant,delicate and romantic;With a wide selection of SUITS, JEANS,T-SHIRTS,SHIRTS,PANTS,SKIRTS AND ACCESSORIES. Visita our e-shop .

Fracomina is a Campania brand that since 2003 absorbs all the energy typical of his homeland. The name comes from a combination of the first syllables of those five brothers; it is clear from the start, therefore, the company's philosophy, based on love, family, values ​​and feelings that characterize it. Behind every product in the collection there are people, full of passion and enthusiasm, who daily observe the world with curiosity, to offer you only the best. The ability to design research is one of the hallmarks of the company, who loves to put on the market in an absolutely unique and personal, close to the female universe target. On these solid foundations, the collections could only continue to grow and expand, winning the hearts of many passionate. There is nothing better, in fact, the garments that enhance the femininity and beauty of each customer, through a style to the future, able to predict and anticipate fashion trends. The strong connotation denim that characterized the first lines has given way to a wider range and variety that you can wear in many occasions.