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Kocca is among the most dynamic brand of Italian fashion, created by the Miranda brothers in the early 90s. It specializes in apparel production and total look turned to a young woman and offering treatments and processes that distinguish it and embellish. Born historically in denim and years is completed with knitwear, giubotteria (duvets, etc.) And accessories (bags, belts, hats, shoes). The Kocca brand is headed by the same name company, which from small entrepreneurial reality in a few years develops becoming an entrenched structure of the first order in the marketing and production of fashion products with a style and character of its own. The strong emphasis on human resources, internal cohesion and an innovative management style, are the fundamental values ​​shared by all companies of Kocca. The customer at the center of everything, this is the goal that we use everyday Kocca works. To innovation and customer orientation values, plus the strict quality control both when granting loans to sell services than in manufacturing. Particularly sensitive to the quality and the most modern materials, a capacity of "problem solving" combined with the extraordinary capacity for innovation of its collections make the Kocca one of the most active and prestigious of the Italian scene.