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Discover the collection "DESIGUAL" the colorfully styled , fun and exuberant;With a wide selection of DRESS, SCARF,T-SHIRTS, SHIRTS , TROUSERS , BAGS AND SKIRTS .Visita our e-shop

Desigual is a company founded in 1984 in Spain, by the brothers Christian and Thomas Meyer, which produces clothing, accessories and footwear for men, women and children. The collections are colorful, cheerful, with bright colors and rich graphic elements. His motives look a bit 'pop culture. After the first collection designed by Christian Lacroix in 2011, the brand has collaborated with Cirque de Soleil, the Canadian prestigious paternity circus, and what came out was a masterpiece: a magical collection that good is identified with the multifaceted world and surreal circus. Thousands of colors ranging from shades of pink, red, the more acidic the green, blue; all mixed in muted hues. A riot of joy, of exuberance that will make smile even the darkest personalities who do not give a classic style and then wear a sheath dress, but they do it with the verve that recalls the Spanish culture. The Spanish brand not only uses simple materials: on the essentials creates fantastic worlds and carries the themes of dreams, breaking the patterns, daring and going straight to the target.


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